WIP: Azalea Doily

Azalea Doily, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

I'm working on another Kinzel pattern, but this one is much less of a commitment than the Rose of England. This is one of the Azalea doilies. The different sizes (centerpiece, place doily, plate doily, and glass doily) are created by working the outer chart different numbers of times. It's actually quite an easy pattern. I'm on the 3rd of 4 repeats of the outer chart and should be finished shortly, though I am a little overextended right now. :)
I'm using Cebelia 30 on size 2 needles, same combination as the Rose of England.


Alicia said…
What a beautiful piece of lace! It looks a little poinsettia-y, perfect for the season.
spinnity said…
Pretty,pretty petals! Your fine lace work is beautiful.

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