Holiday crafts part 1

The kid noticed this snuggle mat kit at JoAnn. It was pretty fun, except working with the minky and thick batting was kind of annoying. The instructions didn't have anything about finishing the edges of the blanket overlay, so I used fold over elastic instead of trying to hem minky. He loves this and wants to take it to parents night out for when they watch a movie.

Super cute window cling set from Cricut Design Space.

Advent calendar tree, design download from Jennifer Maker. Holiday themed paper pad from Michael's.

Glitter tree pillow. There's a similar project in Design Space, but it's an exclusive I don't have access to, so I hacked another tree image up.

Fall sews...underthings and sweaters

M4M Bridgette bralette and Victoria cheekies in double galoon stretch lace from Surge fabrics online. M4M off shoulder Stella in baby French Terry from Sly Fox.

Stitch Upon a Time Calista curvy bra and Scrundies in cotton Lycra from JoAnn.

Halloween sews

Finally bought some RockerBye cotton/Lycra after admiring it for a while. Most of the prints they run have a very distinctive and white cartoony creatures on vibrant backgrounds.
 I got a panty panel set that was a fat third of each of 2 panels and one coordinate (in this case the coordinate repeated 3 times). I made 3 panties and had enough for a pair of kid boxers with the scraps.  The 2 panels from the set are on the backs and not pictured here as they are naughty, lol.
I got another set with kid panels and coordinate to make the "Boo" shirt.
I also purchased a kid bat panel and yard of coordinate separately and I made a hoodie. I saw a lot of Max & Meena Mega Max raglans with ears and wings in the RockerBye group, but I didn't feel like buying a new pattern just for that, so these wings are self-drafted.
I have a yard of zombies and a yard of brains I haven't cut into yet. But those are for me, and I'm willing to wear them year round, lol.

Knitting FOs: Liguria Hat, Dahlia Cardigan, Solstice Hoodie

Liguria...finally my first brioche project! I did a cowl version first but had enough yarn left over to do a hat. Yarn Love DK weight

No-pattern socks in Western Sky Knits MCN

Dahlia Cardigan in Silky Wool

Solstice Hoodie in Sweet Georgia DK and Neighborhood Fiber Studio DK

Halloween cookies & Cricut crafts

Cookies using the Lila Loa recipe, cookie boxes sized up from the treat boxes in Design Space, cards all modified from Design Space.

Window clings, fall paper flowers, Victorian hearse and coffin from Design Space, Haunted House from Happy Hauntings cartridge (not a "project" in Design Space, but the image is in there. I used Distress Ink on the brick and wood papers for the haunted house, and silver Gelato crayon on the black paper of the hearse. I love how they turned out!

Cricut crafts

Lots of paper crafts lately! 5 out of 7 or 8 birthday cards I've made recently and some Halloween window clings.
The unicorn, crab, and R2D2 were pieced together from elements in Design Space. The Boo and Groot cards were pre-designed in Design Space.

The window clings were interesting... I ordered a multi color pack of a different brand and they were very different thicknesses. The orange and black needed to be cut on a setting for thicker materials like glitter HTV. The white was much thinner. I don't know if the official Cricut brand is more consistent.

Star Wars sews: Sweetheart/Cassie and Halla Stardust

I made the Halla Stardust tunic length color blocked top first, as a possibility for using with the more expensive/limited stormtrooper fabric. First I made the size 22, but I took it all apart and recut as a 20. It's pretty good now, but 18 with a FBA and grading out at waist would probably be better. I'm lazy though. I found out that Halla uses a 2" difference between upper bust and full bust for all sizes (like traditional paper patterns). I love that P4P and M4M draft for a bigger difference in the larger sizes. It seems like that would work for much more people. (But if you are plus size with a smaller bust, Halla might be perfect for you!) I am curious about trying more options in the Stardust, but will try it in cheap fabric first. I may also go back and take in the hips to get more of an hourglass shape in the center panel. The color blocking lines are straight, but it's designed to have negative ease in the bust and hips to make the lines curve on the body.