Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More joggers/pegs/boxers

Some recent FOs in this polygon animal print cotton/Lycra from Vinegar & Honey Co. Baby Bear Joggers (size 4 with size 3 length elastic in waist) with drawstring in waistband and pockets. Gradually working my way through the more complicated options. None of this is particularly hard, but switching between serger and sewing machine and setting up twin needle or making buttonholes is mildly annoying. Capri length (actually slightly longer than capri cut line) Peg Legs with contrast contour waistband since I only had 1 yard. Remind myself to set differential feed back to zero before serging clear elastic in waistband. Haven't tried the trick where you feed the elastic through the hole in the foot of the serger. Used leftovers to make size 3 Pirate's Booty boxers. There wasn't a big enough piece to cut the main boxers piece as designed. I folded the pattern piece and added seam allowance to create side seams. I did the same thing on the boxers I made with leftovers from the blue fabric. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Slouchy Headwarmer Gifts

Patterns for pirates free Slouchy Headwarmer pattern in various fabrics for Sean's teachers. It's a 4-way neckwarmer/headband/ponytail beanie/beanie. Swim fabric for swim teacher, athletic fabrics and CL for gymnastics teachers, Liverpool and French Terry for preschool teacher. I cut most of them larger than the suggested 20 x 20.

Family raglans, pegs, joggers, and new Cocoon

Patterns for Pirates patterns: Jolly Roger Raglan (kid), Baby Bear Joggers in jegging knit and black CL (cut with pattern piece perpendicular to selvedge for better stretch in this fabric). Relaxed Raglan banded tunic length with off-the-shoulder hack (only 1.5 or 2" taken off neckline, not 3 as in the blog post for the hack), capri length Peg Legs in the jegging fabric cut sideways. They are a little too loose compared to the ones cut the other direction, lol. I will have to go back and put elastic in the waistband.
Cole's Creations pattern- Jerry's raglan
This was my first time doing full length sleeves on any of these patterns and they were all a little too long for all of us, lol.
Penguin fabric is Joann Doodles cotton interlock, sleeves are all C/L from Purpleseamstress, jegging knit is from Purpleseamstress.
This time I did the elastic waistband on the joggers instead of the yoga band. Next time I'll get fancier and try the drawstring waist and pockets.

Cocoon Cardigan from Patterns for Pirates in French Terry from So Sew English. Super comfy. I wish the lower sleeves were a little less fitted so I could push them up more easily. Undecided on whether I'm going to topstitch around the band. There's a slight amount of waviness but it would probably block out with steam. 

More JRR and Peg Legs

2 more Jolly Roger Raglans. Green CL from Purpleseamstress online. Science fabric is flannel from JoAnn. The back of the shirt is the green CL. Sushi fabric is Doodles from JoAnn.
Black/white DBP left over from Nina dress. So Sew English. Used black CL for contour waistband and put in clear elastic. Jegging knit Pegs from Purpleseamstress. It has slightly more stretch in the direction parallel to the selvedge. These are pretty tight in my usual size but probably would have been ok one size up. I still wear them under dresses/skirts.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wiggle Dress

Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress in some stretchy floral from JoAnn. One of the pattern testers used this fabric and it looked amazing on her. I got the last 2 yards in the Bay Area, lol. It is slightly spongy like scuba but has a really interesting texture (not sure if it would officially be considered Liverpool, but similar).  The instructions have you baste the seams and try it on (then flip it inside out and pin out any excess). Came out great. Basically just needed to bring in the hips to my usual size (I cut XXL all over to start with). The sway back adjustment built into the pattern was sufficient for me. I was a little nervous about topstitching the elastic in the neckline, but I was having a really good day with my twin needle and it turned out perfect. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Saturday sews

I'm caught up now. I made all 3 of these Saturday while hubby took the kid to the museum. Baby Bear Joggers by Patterns for Pirates, cotton interlock from JoAnn. Cuffs are cotton Lycra. I love joggers because they keep the bottom of the kid's pants from getting dirty at school. I did the fold over yoga band waist because I wanted to make sure this was the right size before doing the more complicated waist with several channels of narrow elastic and an optional drawstring. This is size 4 all over. I had trouble stretching the waistband enough to attach evenly. Not sure if I cut the wrong length or what.
Boxers are Patterns for Pirates Pirates' Booty. Size 4 leftover CL. A little big for now. Banded everything and skipped the working fly option.
Patterns for Pirates Sweet Tee in leftover hacci. Definitely doable in 1 yard for short sleeve. It's a little dolman and it's amazing in this fabric. Banded everything, it's the short waist band. I made a straight XXL and the hips are a little big. Next time I'll grade down the hips.

Woven sewing roundup

Here's some stuff I made with quilters cotton from JoAnn. Gabriel's reversible shorts from CKC. I love this pattern. Think I'm making size 4 now. The pattern is free if you join the CKC Boys Facebook group.
Dinosaurs are a set I made for a new baby gift. Dress is CKC Tabitha Baby. Super cute. Looks nice, easy to fit and put on and off since the top is knit fabric and the skirt is woven. Used a rolled hem on the serger with stretch thread in the loopers and it looks perfect.
Halloween pants are Taylor's pajama pants free pattern from CKC. I've made a ton of these.
Halloween skirt is two 20" lengths of full width of fabric sewn in a tube and gathered to my hip measurement and attached to a cotton/Lycra knit band. I think I used the chart for the pencil skirt? Band is a little big, but it just sits lower. I wear it with tshirts so the band doesn't show. Attached lace trim to hem.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Batty Shirts

Gone Batty free pattern by Patterns 4 Pirates. JoAnn Doodles fabric with cotton/Lycra neckbands. Measured kid's wingspan to make the pattern smaller for him. Serged edges (running off each curve to keep points sharp and then tucking in ends later) which helped hide the white wrong side of the fabric.

Cocoon Cardigan and Free Spirit Tank

Cocoon Cardigan from Patterns For Pirates in hacci sweater knit fabric from Sew So English. Size XXL with patch pockets. A little big. Full length sleeves, long body length, short bands/cuffs.
Free Spirit Tank size XL shoulders/XXL bust/down to L at hips for less extreme flared shape. Shirt length. Sheer striped athletic fabric from JoAnn. Bands in cotton/Lycra. Serged raw edge at hem. Rolled hem wasn't working on the very slippery fabric.

Made 4 Mermaids Cora and Nina

Made For Mermaids patterns- Mama Cora coulottes size green in double brushed poly from So Sew English, and Mama Nina swing dress in size green with same fabric, different print. Love both of these! The Cora was so easy to make, but the cutting layout was a little tricky in this size. I also need to make a smaller waistband if I'm using this fabric again. I think they are designed to sit a little lower than I'd like? Used sticky hem tape to hold the fabric in place for hemming with a twin needle on the Nina. Worked great.

Relaxed Raglan and Jolly Roger Raglan

Jolly Roger Raglan (kids) and Relaxed Raglan from Patterns For Pirates. Prints are Doodles cotton interlock from JoAnn. Preshrink it a lot! Black is cotton/Lycra from Purpleseamstress fabrics online. Size 4 for kids, faux cuff hemming for body and sleeves. Mine is size XXL with modified off the shoulder hack (2" instead of 3"), tunic length with loose band. Orange one shows tight band, which I cut off and replaced with loose band. 3/4 sleeves on all.

Peg Legs & Bonny Leggings

The next free patterns I tried were Peg Legs by Patterns For Pirates and Bonny Leggings by Made For Mermaids. (The owners/designers are sisters.) Graffiti athletic fabric and superhero girls cotton/Lycra from JoAnn. Used contour waistband (from free add-on pack) for mine with grey athletic fabric lining. Size XL with XXL waistband. Started using faux cuff method to hem with serger since Sean was busting the hems done with twin needle.
Black cotton/Lycra from Purpleseamstress fabrics online. Started putting clear elastic at top of contour waistband. Amazing.
Size 4 Bonnie's? Sewing machine pattern is double-brushed poly from So Sew English.
Color blocked with pocket is athletic knit from JoAnn. Added crotch gusset this time. Went back and topstitched crotch seam with twin needle to keep serger needle thread from showing when stretched. I'm now using stretch serger thread in the bobbin when using the twin needle (bobbin wound by hand).

This is a sewing blog now?

I've mostly been keeping up with my knitting, crochet, and weaving projects over on Ravelry. But I got a serger a few months ago and am averaging at least 1-2 garments a week. 😂
I need somewhere to keep up with details like modifications, sizing, and yardage requirements.
First up is the Pirate Pencil Skirt (free pattern) from Patterns for Pirates. Done in Nicole Miller scuba fabric from JoAnn (on sale or coupon), 1 yard each. Size XL graded to XXL for high hip and waistband. 1 yard each.
I used the twin needle for hemming. I love these, I just haven't worn them much because the prints are not very fall-like.