Sunday, January 08, 2012

Finished Yarns- The Borg and Zombies

Borg Yarn

I spun up the singles from my Star Trek SAL batts from A Dyeing Wish several months ago, but I never quite decided how I'd ply them until recently. There were 3 batts- one was black and light gray with red sparkle, one black with red and green sparkle, and one black with red, green, and yellow sparkle. I thought about just using them as singles or maybe chain plying for 3 different but coordinating skeins. Finally I decided just to ply the 3 singles together for a consistently colorful yarn.

Zombie Handspun

My Braaaaiiiins colorway batts from Heavenly Fiber also arrived as 3 batts, but all very similar. I spun up one at a time, splitting the batt lengthwise in strips so each single went from black to gray to light gray/pink. I plied the 3 singles all going in the same direction to get a gradient yarn. I have about 160 yards of worsted-ish yarn. I'm thinking a hat or cowl/scarflet. That may be a little boring, but it needs to be something I can wear a lot and show off that doesn't come in pairs. :)

While I'm talking Etsy shops, I'd like to mention a few others I've fallen in love with. ZooZ jewelry from Greece made my silver bat necklace and is seriously tempting me with the matching earring and the T-Rex design. I recently received some silver and enamel constellation earrings (mine are medium and tiny) from the Montreal-based Mariane Alexandre. They are sold as singles so you can mix and match sizes and colors. I've been a fan of Sunbasilgarden soaps for a long time and loaded up on minty and chocolatey scented soaps just before the holidays. Now she has a ton of adorable Valentine's Day themed soaps (like pink cupcakes!) in her shop.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

FO Roundup: Mukluk Slippers, Adipose & Tarn Ugly Rug

Mukluk High TopsMukluk Slippers

Apparently I have a thing for knitting things for my feet out of Noro Hitsuji. I almost used this colorway for my felted clogs, so I decided to use it for these Mukluk slippers that are quite popular at the shop right now. Most people go for the low tops, but I thought the neon color and high tops had a nifty 80's legwarmer thing going on, especially with the two-piece suede bottoms that make them look like dance shoes. They are slightly ridiculous, but they make me smile and no one outside the house who's not a knitter will probably never see me in them. :) They are really comfortable and warm and will stay on my feet while I sleep, unlike the clogs. The construction is interesting to knit and I love the result, but to be honest the process of knitting chunky yarn on size 7 needles is a little intense. Definitely more of a "little bit every day" project than something to be worked on for hours at a time.

One of my X-mas gifts for Bryan was this knitted Adipose from Doctor Who. The BBC forced the removal of this pattern from the author's blog, but thanks to the wibbly wobbly timey wimey-ness of, it can be found.

Ugly Rug

Finally, here's the rug I recently crocheted from tarn (t-shirt yarn). It was fun and incredibly quick. Here's the method I used for cutting the shirts, down to the exact same ruler! I cut my strips about 1" and used an enormous size S (20mm) crochet hook. I called it "ugly" because my color joins suck, I forgot to stagger my increases all the time and it started to get a little hexagon-y, and it looks funny where I fastened it off because I did a spiral instead of rounds. I'm a self-taught knitter, but I'm really a self-taught crocheter. Most of the time, I can't be bothered to go look up the best way to do something when I think I can wing it. We'll be having a tarn making party at the next meeting of the Knitspiration guild. Feel free to contact me if you're an interested local who's not already a member!