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Food Post: My Paleo Thanksgiving

Quick note of explanation- Thanks to the Read it and Weep Podcast and Violet Blue stoking my curiosity, I read Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body back in May and started the slow carb diet. I ended up adding in more healthy fats and leaving out beans at most meals after being influenced by a lot of paleo recipe blogs. I've had a ton (well, 33 lbs) of success and would highly recommend it to anybody. I'll probably write a post with more details and resources, but I wanted to get this recipe post out there while it's still the holiday season. I wanted to try a grain free Thanksgiving 1) because it would be interesting and perhaps challenging 2) to keep it low-ish carb (lower than traditional Thanksgiving, anyway) so I could enjoy the leftovers and 3) so I wouldn't feel super sick afterwards. I still do the 4HB style cheat day thing, but I often keep it wheat-free if I don't want to feel like crap all day.

Bird- Herb Roasted Turkey Breast with Pan Gravy from Rachael Ra…

FO Roundup: 2nd Woven Scarf, Capucine Hat, Road to China Mitts

Here's my second woven scarf. This one is Cascade 220 for the warp and Noro Silk Garden for the weft. I think my selvedges are getting a lot better! I double stranded the edge warp threads and that plus a thicker yarn plus practice seems to have helped a lot.

I had my eye on this lovely purple and gold Malabrigo Aquarella for a while, then I stumbled across the Capucine hat pattern shortly after I bought the yarn. Like many things I've been making lately, it's slightly ridiculous but I love it! The original pattern calls for bulky yarn but uses a size 8 needle. I used SpiderWomanKnits' modifications for a more typical size 11 needle as a starting point, but I found a couple of things unclear. This PDF by RosakaKnit has line-by-line instructions (the first page) that match what I did almost exactly. The only other change I made was a chain selvedge at the edges of the garter stitch section.

The other day I was at work when I got a text that the heater at the hou…