Free Sock Pattern: Rudy Got Sole

Revision 10/26/07 : Fixed cuff rib directions. (should be K3, P2. used to say K3, P3)

Hi everyone. I've finally finished photography and writing up for my first free pattern. The PDF version is on the sidebar, but I'm including the instructions in this post too. I'd love to get any feedback. Right now the pattern's written at a level assuming some knowledge of sock knitting, but I may add more info and links to basic technique tutorials, especially if requested. The Ravelry page is here.

Men’s Sock Pattern By Amy Klimt

Send your favorite rude boy off to work in these subtly checkered socks knit from the top down with a heel flap.

Finished Size: 9” foot circumference and 10 1/2” long (customizable) from heel to toe. To fit men’s US shoe size 10 1/2.
: Knit Picks Risata (42% cotton, 39% superwash merino, 13% polyamide, 6% elastic; 196 yd/50g): ash, 3 balls.
: Size 1.5 (2.50mm) or size necessary to obtain correct gauge: one 32" circular needle (for magic loop), or appropriate needles (dpns, 2 circs, etc.) for your favorite method.
: 17 sts and 25 rounds = 2” in stockinette stitch, 17 sts and 32 rows = 2” in garter check pattern.
: Tapestry needle, 3 small stitch markers.

Loosely CO 80 sts using long-tail cast on (or your preferred method for socks). Place marker and join without twisting to work in the round.

Work K3 P2 rib as follows for 1 1/2" (or desired length)
P1 *K3 P2* K3 P1 (repeat between * 15 times)

Work garter check pattern (from Barbara Walker’s 1st Treasury of Knitting Stitches) as follows:
Rds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11: knit even

Rds 2, 4, 6: *k5, p5* 8 times
Rds 8, 10, 12: *p5, k5* 8 times

Garter check pattern charted in PDF version of pattern.

Repeat these 12 rounds until sock measures 6 1/4" from cast-on edge (about 6 repeats), ending with round 12. If you desire a longer leg, work more repeats.
Set aside the beginning-of-round marker for later.

Set Up Heel Flap
Heel is worked on 39 stitches.
Stitches will be rearranged to set up a centered pattern on the instep.
Set aside the beginning-of-round marker for later.
For clarity, instep needle is labeled #1 and heel needle is labeled #2 although they are opposite ends of the same circular needle.

Unknit 3 stitches from the last leg round (or if you’re peeking ahead, just stop working the leg 3 stitches before the end of round) and then shift those 3 stitches clockwise from heel flap needle (#2) to instep needle (#1). Shift 2 stitches clockwise from instep needle (#1) to heel flap needle (#2).

This will result in 39 heel flap stitches, beginning and ending with K2.
There should be 41 instep stitches, beginning and ending with K3, which will be left on the cable for later.
Turn to start working heel flap on WS row.

Work Heel Flap
Eye of partridge heel flap with 3 st garter edging- 4 row repeat
Rows 1,3 (WS): K3, P to end
Row 2 (RS): P3, *K1, S1*, K4 (Repeat between *)
Row 4 (RS): P3, *S1, K1*, K2 (Repeat between *)
Work these 4 rows 10 times = 40 heel flap rows (20 garter ridges)

Turn heel
Row 1 (WS): S1, P20, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 2 (RS): S1, K4, ssk, K1, turn
Row 3 (WS): S1, P5, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 4 (RS): S1, K6, ssk, K1, turn
Continue in this manner, working one additional stitch before decreasing on every row. (next rows will contain P7, K8, etc.)

The last two rows will be as follows: (note that there is no stitch worked before decreasing and turning)

WS: S1, P19, P2tog, turn
RS: S1, K19, ssk

21 heel st remain.

Work Gusset
Note: I use the method Charlene Schurch describes in Sensational Knitted Socks for picking up 2 extra stitches to avoid holes at the top of each gusset. There is a diagram in the online errata at

PU 20 sts from first side of gusset. PU 2 extra sts at top of gusset. PM before first instep stitch. Work instep in pattern. PM after last instep stitch. PU 2 extra stitches at top of gusset. PU 20 sts from remaining side of gusset.
K first 10 sts of heel, PM to indicate center of heel (new beginning of round).

Decreasing extra gusset stitches:
K to 2 sts before marker at beginning of instep, SSK, SM
Continue established garter check pattern on instep, SM, K2tog
K to end of round (marker at heel).

Begin regular gusset decreases:
Round 1
: K to 3 before marker, K2tog, K1, SM. Work instep in pattern. SM, K1, SSK, K to end of round.
Round 2
: K to marker, SM, work instep in pattern, SM, K to end of round.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 80 sts remain.

Continue working garter check pattern on instep and stockinette on bottom of foot until the measurement from heel to end of foot is 8 1/2" (or 2" shorter than total desired foot length), ending with row 6 or 12 of instep pattern.

Round 1
: K to 3 sts before marker, K2tog, K1. SM, K1, ssk, K to 3 sts before marker, K2tog, K1
SM, K1, ssk, K to end of round.
Round 2: K all sts.

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 40 sts remain. Then repeat row 1 only until 20 sts remain.
K5, rearrange sts so 10
sts are on each of 2 needles (1 formerly instep st will be moved to the needle with the sole sts).

Cut yarn, leaving a 12” tail. Thread yarn on tapestry needle and graft using Kitchener stitch. Weave in ends. Dampen and lay flat to block, if desired.
Work second sock following same instructions.

© Amy Klimt, October 2007. This pattern is for personal and non-commercial use only.

Photos: Amy Klimt
Model: Bryan Klimt


Lynn said…
Yea for your sock pattern!
mari said…
It looks great.

Is it on Ravelry, so I can put it in my queue?
mari said…
Yeah. I don't know how I missed that. Hehe.
spinnity said…
Showed your man-socks to my spouse-o about a week ago and was thinking of knitting some like 'em -- so glad you posted the pattern. Can you clarify if you mean the top rib to be K3, P3 or K3, P2 ?
SpinalCat said…
It's K3, P2. I've fixed the cuff instructions on the text and PDF versions. I knew I would miss at least one typo like that! Thanks for letting me know!
loopette said…
Yeay! The socks are up for all to love and knit! Thank you, Amy. I am adding them to my queue ... right after Lynn finishes torturing me (oops, I mean teaching me) to knit on DPNs.

Alicia said…
Oh those turned out so nice! Thanks for the pattern!
Anonymous said…
Amy: Your RUDY socks are beautiful. Thank you for the free pattern.
I would love to surprise my grandson with a pair but, being new to knitting......... I am unable to figure out the changes necessary to knit a pair for my 21 year old wearing a size 9 1/2 shoe.
Do you have any hints/help for me? I truly want to knit these lovely socks.

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