Monterey Bay

Seagull, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Over the holiday, we went to Monterey Bay. We didn't do the aquarium or whale watching, so I mostly took pictures of birds. In general I can't stand birds, but I make exceptions for seagulls and pelicans (also pigeons). Bryan and I will go back to see the aquarium and hopefully some whales.
We also went to Woodside and drove around the redwoods in the mountains. That was nifty. I plan on going back during the day when the park is open. It was really cool to come down out of the mountains onto Saratoga Ave. at night.


mari said…
Hehe. We went to the aquarium in the day before Thanksgiving. We stopped in Monterey and Carmel on our way to Big Sur.

I love the aquarium. Especially the sea otter exhibit. My favorite. I can't count the number of times I have been there.

I remember going for a field trip in fifth grade and seeing Huey Luis there! ( He was big back them.)

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