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I Hate Silk Hankies.

That is all.

Wearing Circular Cape

Circular Cape, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Hubby's New Music Video: I Can Chew

It's finally finished! I can stop having my diet dictated by song lyrics, and maybe I can get this song out of my head! Bryan decided to credit me for "catering and hand modeling".

1st Wrestling Match Complete!

Circular Cape Blocking, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. I've finished something! Yay! This is the Lady's Circular Cape from Victorian Lace Today in Kidsilk Haze (color Pearl). It was one of the 4 projects I entered in the Ravelympics WIP Wrestling event. The other three aren't anywhere close to being finished.

The Aggrolites @ Warped Tour

The Aggrolites, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.
On Friday I tabled with CA NOW at Warped Tour in Mountain View. We were promoting their "I (heart) Consensual Sex" campaign.Let me know if you want to order a shirt or are interested in getting together a South Bay NOW chapter, and I can get you in touch with people. The shirts are organic cotton and have the definition of "consent" on the back.

Finished Yarn: Handspun Silk

Handspun Silk, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. At Mary's last Saturday I finished up 450 yards of handspun silk singles, about fingering weight. Fiber (2 oz) from Heritage Arts booth at Kid 'n Ewe 2006. I'm fairly sure it's bleached Tussah. It was pretty fun to spin, with a manageable number of neppy bits and just a couple of pupa shell bits.Once again I ended up spinning finer than I had in mind. I like to pet the hand dyed silk singles yarns in shops, most of which are fairly thick. I don't think they wear very well, though. If I'm going to make something intentionally delicate, I want to do it in finer yarn. I ended up spinning this just thick enough to get that fluffy shiny look that you see in thicker silk singles.

Spoiled Fuzzy Rotten

Spoiled Fuzzy Rotten, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. The other day I was doing a light blocking on this blanket I seamed for a customer, so of course the cat had to go sit on it. It's the bird blanket from Knit.1 magazine's green issue. The customer knit it in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. Last night while I was uploading this photo, the cat was on top of my Lady Eleanor (I've been re-knotting the fringe).

Chihuly at the de Young

originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. I did a lot of fun stuff last week when my college roommate was in town. Probably the most photogenic was going to see the Chihuly exhibition at the de Young museum in San Francisco.
More of my photos here.
I'd definitely recommend going on a weekday if possible. Although we didn't have any trouble getting tickets when we got there, it was rather crowded. And skip the cafe, no matter how good it smells. Unless you want to pay $7 (and wait 30 minutes) for a hot dog just for the experience.

We also went to the San Jose Museum of Art, which was actually really cool. There's a lot of wacky hi-tech installations, and there's a robot theme going on now. I think it would be really fun for kids. There's a table where you can build a Lego robot & have it photographed and uploaded to Flickr. My friends' are in there somewhere.

My friends went to the Tech as well and really liked it. They came back with a robot-drawn portrait of…

Recovery Boy

Bryan's up to soft foods now (the song about that hasn't been recorded yet) but you can see the music video for "Liquid Diet Blues" and earlier recovery videos on Youtube.
Some of the music video footage is from the Prelinger archives, a collection of 2,000 public domain films. There's some hilarious industrial films there like "The Hormel Story" and many equally hilarious sex ed films from the 50's.