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Pattern Release: Sirenia Cowl

Sirenia is the taxonomic order that includes manatees and dugongs. The working title for this design was a bad pun from which I’ll spare you. This entrelac cowl is neatly finished with attached i-cord. Trendsetter Tonalita is a wool blend singles yarn with medium-length color runs perfect for entrelac on a small scale.This cowl is beautiful and designed to be practical as well.The i-cord edging will hold the cowl in place to cover your mouth, ears, and nose if necessary.Ravelry pattern pagehere. Pattern is $5 through my Ravelry pattern download store. No Ravelry membership required, payments processed through PayPal.

Knitspiration Guild FOs: Felted Soaps

For the December meeting of the Knitspiration Guild of Silicon Valley, I taught the guild how to make feltedsoaps in Spinnity's kitchen. Jasmine, Pam and her daughters, and Van were also there. It is super fun and really easy. I'm finding it rather addictive. It doesn't take very much roving at all. The shop where I work has put together kits with just the amount you need to make one. 1 oz bumps of a few different colors can make a LOT of soaps. I have lots left over from the workshop, a seller's permit, and a nascent Etsy shop, so I will probably be selling some of these. (Not these, but other ones.) I'll probably just miss the holidays. Great business plan, huh?


So, a whole lot of stuff has been happening this fall/winter. Several patterns released, lots of psychobilly and Phenomenauts shows with my new friends, DEVO, TMBG, Toots & the Maytals, being a SFSI supervisor, working a lot at the shop, learning some of my favorite songs on my bass guitar, cuddling with my kitties, and receiving a 14-lb wholesale shipment of undyed yarn. In my near future- dyeing 14 lbs of yarn & fiber, more Phenomenauts shows, more patterns to release, a brand-new website, and who knows what else. . .
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Pattern Release: Eureka Valley Mitts

So, this is my first Knitty rejection. Enjoy!
I knew I had to design something for this new yarn the day it showed up in my LYS last summer. It combines the self-striping colorways knitters love with a soft, almost mohair-like, Merino/nylon blend. These mitts knit up quickly, making them a great gift. In this colorway, they can brighten up your winters or take the chill off cold nights year-round without being bulky or frumpy. The bold slip-twist stitch pattern won’t get lost in the lovely halo of intensely colored fuzz. Photo gallery here. Pattern is $5 through my Ravelry pattern store. Payments processed through PayPal, no Ravelry membership required.