Halloween Pics

This is kind of tardy, but I had a migraine for 2 days after Halloween.
We went to Santa Cruz to see Tiger Army. On Halloween. I cannot overstate the awesomeness.
I really think people should dress up this much for every psychobilly show.
The show was totally packed and crazy. We realized this was our first time to see Tiger Army together. I saw them in Austin twice while Bryan was going to school in Pittsburgh, and he saw them once in Cleveland.
I went as some kind of devil girl, and Bryan ended up as a zombie. They were doing zombification at his work Halloween party. It was a bit of a surprise when I saw the makeup. Otherwise his "costume" would have pretty much consisted of the skull bracelet I put on him.

He went to work as "casual Bryan with a new mohawk."
Likewise, my costume was just cape + horns + tail.
I sewed the cape from a McCalls pattern and some sweet sheer shiny red spiderweb fabric from JoAnn. I'm very happy about getting my sewing mojo back. I imagine I'll be doing a lot of
sewing when Bryan's on his upcoming work trip. I'm hoping to make an apron, a bag, and some pajama shorts.


mari said…
I love the costumes. Looks like you guys had a great Halloween.
Heidi said…
Hey, I just saw that fabric at Joann's and it made me want to sew! I'll send you a link to our pictures at Halloween.

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