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Dyeworks FOs: Damask Cable Socks, Vertebral Socks

I've been re-knitting some of my sock (and sock yarn-using) designs in my own yarns for my Sock Summit booth.

This is my Damask Cable Socks pattern in a mostly-solid kettle dyed SW BFL. The BFL base I fell in love with around last December died in a fire (for reals), so this is a new one. It is on the thinner side, but works up nice on US 1.5 needles (which is what I normally use for socks). I might use a US 1 if I were designing something new for it. It has a nice tight twist and makes a great feeling fabric. I love BFL.

I'm knitting up my Zombie Apocalypse Merino/nylon sock yarn (also SW) in my yet-to-be-released Vertebral Socks pattern. You might have seen the prototype I made in Colinette Jitterbug a few months ago.

I'm looking for some help with a sample of my Dianthus Scarf (you don't have to finish the whole scarf before Sock Summit) and possibly Instar Hat.
I could use a fresh Basic Self-Striping Sock in one of my striping MCN colorways. I've worn mine a…

FO: Colinette Ab Fab Throw

I made this Ab Fab Throw as a present for Bryan's dad's wedding. Kim happens to have the same thing for red that I do. This is Morello Mash, one of their new colors. I'd link to the Colinette website, but it is just terrible. I saw the new colors in an ad in Yarn Market News and the URL is not findable by using their main site or Googling, so I lost it until a rep emailed it to the shop.
This is something I'd been wanting to knit for years, and it was pretty fun. It actually went a lot quicker than I thought.