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Sock Design/Resizing Resources

Here's some stuff I found while answering sizing questions on the Rudy socks. I'm probably going to add at least 1 smaller size to the pattern. I did most of the math for somebody yesterday, but I'll still need to put it in a consistent format and maybe test the heel turn. All this information is for socks with a heel flap.

Heel math for socks between 40 and 80 stitches around (in 4-stitch increments)- From Has numbers for 6 heel types- v heel, round heel, rounder heel, square heel, modified square heel, & strap heel. Also explains how to get those numbers has examples of what those turns look like here.Generic sock recipe from Knitty Gritty (good for beginners).Illustrated beginner's guide to the tricky parts.I've used fleegle's lace yarn spreadsheet a LOT recently. I just discovered that our meetup group's own Suzi has a list of sock yarns arranged by meters/100g. This is really useful for suggesting subst…

Finished Yarn: Feb. in Tacoma Laceweight

February in Tacoma Handspun Laceweight, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

2-ply, about 30 WPI.
From a Tactilebatt bought at Stitches West. I was worried about the bits of silk noil being obnoxiously obvious, but it turned out really nice after plying. I think I've got about 500 yards, enough for an Evelyn Clark style triangle. I've got a bunch of books on lace design checked out through Link+ right now.

I picked up some Mermaid at Green Planet when my meetup group was there last week. It's cotton, merino, silk, and seacell. I'm thinking I'll use it with my tweedy handspun for some kind of top-down raglan mini cardi. Of course, I'll have to finish something first!

Here's one of the hibiscus photos I promised.

Whee! Spray bottles are fun! Cat discipline, quick blocking, pretentious nature photography. . .


Bryan's doing a lot better, but I've been really busy with work lately. This week, one of my co-workers is on vacation. Next week, another one has jury duty. I've been working on a shawl version of the Rose of England and I've taken in some finishing work. The only purely personal project I've touched is the cape. I've been trying to do 4 border repeats every day, so I should be finished soon. I've fallen in love with a few different yarns over the last few days and I have some design ideas I want to play with, but they'll have to wait a little. I've been doing lots of photography, but not for the blog. Tomorrow I might actually make it to a SFSI shift for the first time in months. My college roommate & significant other are showing up in a couple days to stay with us. I have to respond to two sizing questions on the Rudie socks, clean the garage, and try out my new SpotBot pet edition. Stupid puke cat. I lost the Dream in Color shrug …

Surgery Update

My husband had orthognathic surgery last week to fix his open bite. Now he has a bunch of screws in his head. I saw the x-rays. The surgery went fine, but I've been busy trying to feed him 6-8 liquid meals every day. I don't know why I thought I'd have time to knit! I finished the Dream in Color Shrug at the hospital last week and talked to a couple of nurses about knitting. In the surgery waiting room I talked to a really outgoing quilter who was doing some hand sewing to finish a machine quilted piece. It was really cute. The quilting was done in a fancy heart pattern that was programmed into the machine. There was also a nun crocheting something, but she didn't join the conversation.
I made some progress on the Lady's Cape and Catriona, but I forgot to bring extra balls of yarn. I decided on a needle size for the socks I'm working on, though. 1 1/2 were too small and 2 1/2 were too big. I got some 2 (2.75mm) and I think they'll be perfect.…