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Geeky Stuff

Here's a quick rundown on some resources I've organized or found recently. All of them have to do with stuff I've already been talking to Sally about. :)
I've put together a list of links to sites and books I've read on dyeing here.
(There's 35, and they may show up on more than one page.) I've used tags to describe what kind of dyes, what techniques are used (both application methods and techniques for multiple colors), and what heating methods are discussed in each source.
Here is a discussion on Ravelry about what blog tools people are using, and here's a Ravelry discussion of how to get those nifty WIP progress bars to work in Blogger. I'll have to try that out later. . .

I've made a little lightbox from this Strobist tutorial. I had pics of the actual box, but it looks like I deleted them. I used tracing paper for the sides and top. The only thing I really did differently from the tutorial was to cut out the sides while the box was still f…

What I've Been Up To

Dragonfly, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Not a lot of knitting progress posted, but I've been doing stuff! I've sent off some socks I sample-knitted and finished knitting a bag I designed. I've also been reading a lot about photography and yarn dyeing. Hopefully I will do some dyeing this week and post some useful pics and info. I spent last week running around Austin with my little brother (this pic was from Mt. Bonnell). I've been wasting time on Ravelry and LibraryThing. And I've been trying to get myself mentally prepared for moving to the bay area in a month. I'm going to miss my Austin knitter friends, but the whole reason I met them is cause they're web savvy, so I bet we'll be staying in touch (esp. since quite a few of us are on Ravelry or soon-to-be on Ravelry).

Yellow Flower , Texas Capitol Rotunda
Originally uploaded by Buxtrosion

Stitch Markers From Entrelac

Stitch Markers, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. Ana, the proprietress of the Entrelac stitch marker empire (on Etsy, a web shop, and recently mentioned in Knitty) was at WWKIP Day at the capitol. I picked up a few stitch markers that matched the socks I've been working on. They are beautiful! And they're the first markers I've used that really work well with fine yarn and don't cause laddering. Very thin, no snags, and pretty! How perfect!P.S.- Caro's featured in the Knitty quickpicks as well (this time for her needle cases). Way to go Austin crafters!

Stitch Markers, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.