Friday, August 20, 2010

Is This Real Life?

I have a bit of a headache that's slowed me down long enough to blog!
I've been dyeing like mad for a wholesale order (more details on that tomorrow) and going to tons of shows.

The future holds dyeing like mad for Lambtown and rocking out with my new ska band, haha. I just got 30 lbs of undyed fiber, mostly amazing luxury blends.

Not much knitting happening except for a ribbed hat I whipped up in Silk Garden and still chugging along on the self-striping socks in my yarn. I realized last night that I guessed wrong when I marked the heel stitches without the pattern in front of me. Last time I used 60% of the stitches for the heel instead of 50%. I'll probably leave it, at least until after I use it as a sample at Lambtown!

Bryan's birthday was about a week ago. I made him an Energy Dome cake.

I bought him a Scooba and he ran it for the first time yesterday. The cats are pretty curious about it, but haven't gone for a ride yet.

I made this sherbet with some melons from the veggie box. I did something similar with strawberries, but I think I didn't use enough milk. It's way icier than the melon.

I made sausage balls for the Pacific Siamese Rescue picnic. I met the couple who adopted one of Rocky and Ziva's littermates (Lena, the black cat in this photo) along with one of their foster brothers (Lionel).

I made these vegan snickerdoodle cupcakes to take to the Command Center for the Angel & Robot Show. They turned out totally amazing.

Friday, August 06, 2010

FO x 2: Baby Surprise Jackets

I've been wanting to knit the ubiquitous Baby Surprise Jacket for some time, but never really had a good occasion. I've been really interested since Candace finished hers in Dream in Color Classy a couple of months ago. The shop carries the newer individual pattern with baby/child/adult sizing, counts for different gauges, and line-by-line instructions.

One of Bryan's old friends came out to interview at Google a few weeks ago (he got an offer and took it! yay!)and asked me about commissioning a hand knit gift for a new baby in the family. Perfect!

BSJ #1

Ravelry details here.
I picked Claudia Hand Painted Sport in the Oops! colorway. It turned out so great! The yarn was fabulous to work with. I'd used Claudia fingering weight before and loved it, but the sport is so springy and round with the added 3rd ply. It's a variegated and not striping yarn, but the color runs are long enough to make the changes in the direction of the knitting stand out.

Then I realized that a couple in the same circle of friends is expecting a baby of their very own and we'd probably be seeing them soon. Oops! Gotta make one for them, too!

I went with the Little Red Wagon colorway for this one. I cranked it out in 2 days. I like making things for other people because I don't have to agonize over the color choice. If I don't like it in the finished object, I never have to see it again!

I had another great veggie box dinner tonight. I finally feel caught up after being out of town for a few days.
I made my old standby turkey meatloaf from a Betty Crocker Cooking for Two cookbook
I've had for years. That used onions & carrots.
I made some simple glazed carrots with the remaining carrots, and mashed potatoes with parsley root.
Tomorrow I plan on making agua fresca and/or sherbet with the melons and strawberries I still have.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

FO: Handspun Coil Necklace

I made this necklace from a tiny portion of the milk protein fiber supercoils I spun from Beesybee fiber. Post with photos of the fiber and singles here.
I really love it and I'm wearing it a lot. It goes well with a lot of pink and purple shirts I wear to work. I think I need to get some kind of stone or charm to hang from it to counter the weight of the clasp so it won't end up in the front all the time.

I got the clasps at Natural Expressions in Los Gatos for about $2.50 each. They separate and clasp magnetically, so the necklace could be worn with the strands twisted together or hanging straight. I say "could" because after some time in the twisted position, it has a tendency to want to stay that way. The clasp has 3 holes on each side. This necklace uses 4 strands. I was going to do 6, but I got tired and went to bed. I've been wearing it with 4 and I think I'll leave it that way.

I used beads to kind of keep the coils in place and cover some of the knotting. I tucked the ends of the core under the coils and cut them. The tails worked their way out almost immediately, so I need to leave them a lot longer and maybe even use a drop of glue.
I have a lot of materials left over, so I can make a necklace for anyone who wants one. I need to test my tying skills before I attempt to sell any.

I think I am getting better at judging twist for supercoils, but wearing the necklace with strands twisted around each other provides another chance to tweak the twist. You can also take out twist in each section you cut from the skein before tying it to the clasps.