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Cat Purse Cricut Project

I found the template and instructions for the purse base at See Kate Sew. I used Cricut brand metallic leather (rose gold). It takes 2 sheets but there is enough left over for some bracelets. I used the strong grip mat (smooth side of leather down) and the deep cut blade+housing. I used the setting for that material. It goes over each cut 3-4 times. It worked perfectly.
I had already downloaded this super cute free kitty face SVG here. I just resized it to fit the purse template. I used a mix of regular, "electric", and glitter Easyweed HTV. The bow is cut from the Cricut brand felt with the rotary cutting blade. I've learned it's better to use the "felt, acrylic" setting than the setting that corresponds to the Cricut brand felt.
My old Janome Jem Gold didn't have any trouble with the leather. I don't have a walking foot or Teflon foot or anything. I used a leather needle and regular thread.

Easter painting crafts

Trying something new with my acrylic pouring. These had stencil vinyl applied after a solid base coat. The vinyl was removed after the pour was added on top. (Sort of a modified PVPP method.) More details below.

For this one I was trying to get separation between the green and pink (which worked great, inspired by this video) but I used too much white and lost some of the contrast with the white shimmer base cost). I added glitter paint to the lettering after uncovering it.
This came out great. I think the paint mixture was a little thick and/or not enough paint in the cup (these are all flip cup). I had to tilt the wood a lot to get coverage and lost some cells doing that. For this one I actually used 2 different flip cups at the same time to keep the color groups separated.

OK...alllll the details. The bunny shape is from Target and already had some kind of finish/laminate/paint on it. The egg was a wooden "charger" also from Target. I didn't put any sealer on these b…

Easter paper crafts

Cardstock flowers from Cricut Design Space "make it now" section (Hoppin Easter Bouquet)
I've been trying so many different adhesives for paper crafting, but haven't been happy with any of them. I use textured cardstock, so that might be part of the problem. For this project I went back to good old fashioned rubber cement and it worked great! I used hot glue to attach the wire stems. I bought some new "less mess" glue sticks but haven't had a chance to try them yet.

Candy hugging animals project from Cricut Design Space. The machine draws and cuts. I figured these eggs might be too big for a 3yo to eat in one sitting (and I was right) but the project was so cute! I used glue dots to attach the paper animals to the candy wrappers.

Cricut Suncatcher Preschool Craft

Design Space file link here.

I used clear Contact paper for the suncatcher. For a kiss cut, you can use the regular "vinyl" setting. To cut all the way through the paper and backing (like I did to prep ahead of time), use the "heat transfer" setting. (Don't use that for regular HTV, use the "iron on" setting. Lol.)

A 12" x 12" square of contact paper is big enough for two sets of large + small circles.

I attached the larger Contact paper circle to the flower cutout and covered it with its backing paper. I placed the face cutouts on the smaller contact paper circle and covered it with its backing paper.

At school, I unwrapped the flower cutout + sticky paper (one at each of 3 stations) and  let the kids attach petals and leaves. I asked them which color face they wanted and helped them peel the backing off the face and stick it on top of the petals.