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Recipe Roundup- Summer Fruits Edition

Here's some of what I've been doing with the fruit from my friend's backyard and from a trip to Gizdich Ranch this summer!

BBQ sauce for
chicken wings        ribs (see blackberry ribs recipe below for method) paleo cherry crisp
Blackberries- pork chops ribs pie - This is my old favorite pie recipe. This time, I used the gluten free frozen crust from Whole Foods. You can substitute almond flour or whatever gluten-free flour you have for the topping. If not using rhubarb (works just fine with just berries), you can use about half the amount of sugar it calls for.
Peaches- peach cobbler - Also one of my old favorites. I used the all-purpose gluten free flour in the green box that     looks like this. I also subbed a buttermilk + water blend for the 1% milk. The batter got super fluffy from the acid in the buttermilk (I guess), but it turned out great!

FO Roundup: Epic pink/purple edition!

I've got quite the backlog of projects to show here, and all of them are pink and/or purple!

First up, Old Forge by Steven West from the book Westknits 3.
Yet another bandwagon project...
I probably never would have given it a second thought if Teri hadn't made her shop sample in Madelinetosh yarns. The original (from Westknits Book 3) is super huge and rustic. There is a lace pattern that I omitted for several reasons- too rustic looking (although some people have changed it to stockinette instead of garter), not lined up correctly with the rest of the pattern (although there is a modified chart floating around that corrects this flaw). Instead, I kept going with the stripes, spacing them further and further apart. I really like the effect and it pretty much matches what I had going on in my head when I planned it. With everything all bunched up on the needle, I couldn't really tell if it was going to give the effect I was going for (sort of a pond ripples thing). The on…