Friday, March 16, 2018

Cricut craft roundup

Lots of vinyl (adhesive and heat transfer), felt wreath flowers, and a card. Wreath and card were projects from Cricut Design Space, the puppy shirt and mug were cobbled together from elements in Design Space, knitting shirt and the "Rebel Scum" phrase from Thread & Grain, BB8 from another blog, love cats from LoveSVG, bootleg Lego, Paw Patrol, and Odd Squad stuff imported from images I found online (coloring pages are a good thing to search for) and tweaked by me.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Athletic pegs, Isabel/Cassie dress, cat beds

More athletic Peg Legs, this time the main fabric is the Joann "superflex" which is fairly similar to Supplex. I wanted to test the fit before cutting into my Zenith & Quasar Supplex. I heard that a lot of people size up in that fabric. These are probably a little too big. Because I sized up, the gusset looked horrible and I had to take it out. I also ran out of clear elastic and used cotton swimsuit elastic and it didn't work as well. I took the waistband apart, made it a little smaller, and put clear elastic in and they worked a lot better. Next time I'll try a different gusset shape and cut matching slices out of the leg fabric so adding the gusset doesn't add extra fabric. (In that case the main function of the gusset will be altering the direction of maximum stretch.) The multicolor fabric is Yoga Soft Spandex from Zenith & Quasar. I got a bundle of a yard each of the Yoga Soft Spandex, their solid Heavy Supplex and their multicolor Supplex. Which is enough to make at least a couple pairs of capri-length Peg Legs. The YSS is more slippery than I prefer on its own, but it works for the color blocking.

This dress is Made for Mermaids Isabel wrap dress with the skirt(s) from Cassie. The original Isabel skirt is less twirly. The Cassie is a half circle skirt. This is DBP from So Sew English. This is size "yellow".

From the dress scraps, I made another pair of Bunzies, this time "booty" cut with high waist. I used C/L for the liner and bands.

I had a friend offer to trade some art for cat beds and this is my first prototype of a pattern I found online. It is Rocky-approved! All cats love fleece, pretty much.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Cricut Maker

Just bought a Cricut Maker cutting machine. Above is what I made on the first day. I bought it mostly for cutting vinyl and felt, but I've gotten sucked into some of the cards/papercrafting projects on the 2 week trial of the subscription service for images/projects. "This is the back" cut files were a Patterns for Pirates freebie...which sort of kicked off my whole interest in getting one.

More stuff I made over the weekend...bootleg BPAL decal for my imp case. 😂

Preschool Weaving

A few weeks ago I was in charge of "special project" at S's co-op preschool. I brought this  classroom tapestry loom and finished a wall hanging during class. I used tshirt loops, yarn loops, and fabric strips with slits on the end for weft so I could lark's head knot them together and keep going. The kids mostly helped by picking which color/texture to go next, but a couple of kids were interested in handing the weft back and forth to me from the other side of the loom.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sunday Sews- Fleece JRRs, Bunzies, adult WTP

I spent this weekend fighting off a sore throat, so I stayed home and sewed. I had enough fleece left over from S's pajama pants to make matching Jolly Roger Raglans with fleece on the front and solid C/l for the rest of the shirt. I ordered more fleece from JoAnn during a recent 70% off sale and made myself a pair of Walk the Plank pants. I had enough left to make S a matching set of pants and shirt. Unfortunately the elastic on mine is a little too long and it would be a huge pain to undo the stitching to shorten it. I might put in a drawstring.
I also made my first pair of Bunzies (pattern from Stitch Upon a Time on Etsy) with some C/L from JoAnn (print) and Purpleseamstress (solid). These are high waisted, full coverage.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Walk the Plank Pajamas

I made S some pajama pants using some Star Wars fleece I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn. Usually I use CKC's Taylor Pajamas, but I decided to try the Patterns For Pirates pattern called Walk The Plank. The CKC pattern uses a casing for the elastic and the P4P pattern has the main fabric serged to the elastic at the edge, then turned over and topstitched while stretched.
I tried a similar method on the cat pajama shorts and my sewing machine threw a fit trying to sew the stretched elastic (ended up doing a casing instead), but I decided to give it a try with the serger. I previously preferred casings because I could have S try on the pants at the last stage of construction, and also possibly let out the elastic at a later date if I left extra. He usually outgrows by height before waist size, though, and he was around for me to try the elastic around his waist before doing that step of these pajamas. 

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Skull Nina Dress

Made for Mermaids Mama Nina dress in double brushed poly from So Sew English. So fast and easy. I'm getting better at setting up my twin needle for hemming and using the wash away hem tape. For the bobbin thread I use stretch serger thread wound by hand.
I didn't realize this was a directional print when I ordered it (the upside down skulls are smaller), but I was still fine with 2 yards for size green because there wasn't any stripe matching or anything.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

First Sew of 2018- Ragdoll Raglan

Patterns For Pirates Ragdoll Raglan in slub rib poly/rayon/spandex knit from JoAnn. When this pattern was first released I didn't really think I needed it until I realized it would make a great warmup top for the gym. It's a dolman/raglan hybrid with the option for an open back.
This fabric is really soft but the magenta color bled really badly during prewashing. I hope it is ok now! It was part of my Black Friday sale haul.
I used a thumbhole cuff tutorial that I found on a random blog. This isn't the official P4P thumbhole tutorial that comes with the add-on pack for the other raglans.
I used a twin needle on my sewing machine to hem the back opening pieces. I highly recommend using wash away hem tape to help stabilize.
Update: of course I spilled chicken grease all over my shirt while wearing it for the first time. I used Dawn to get the stain out (eventually, after 3 washes). I used Color Catchers and didn't see any bleeding of the red color.