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Catriona Vest Progress, New WIP, and Shopping!

Catriona Vest, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. I thought the knitting was going really slow until I compared this photo to the previous one! I think I have just a couple of repeats left before something happens. You can tell I really read the whole pattern carefully before starting. :) This is the Lady's Circular Cape in Shell Pattern from Victorian Lace today. I'm using Kidsilk Haze in Pearl (the same yarn as the original). The pattern calls for a size 7 needle. The work shown on the left was done on a size 6, but I ripped it out and started over with a size 5. The stockinette rows between pattern rows (not really visible here) were looking pretty stretched out and ugly. Luckily this pattern knits up fast, and it's easy enough to add extra repeats if the finished size ends up too small. Plus I don't have to switch my size 6 needle tips back and forth between this and the Catriona vest anymore!

I finally made it to the Knitting Arts going-out-of-business sal…

WIP: Catriona Cabled V-Neck Tank

Catriona WIP, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

After defeating the curse of the red project by finishing the Curved Shawl, I immediately cast on for the project (Rav link) I finally decidedto make with my Rowan Pure Wool DK. It's Catriona, a cabled v-neck vest/top thing. I think it's cuter as a top than a vest with something under it. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern from the book for the Rialto line. It was republished in a British magazine, and the pattern is on their website. I LOVE these cables! I'm such a sucker for garter stitch inside cable-y things. The pattern I'm using isn't charted (don't know if the the one in the book is or not), so I charted it. I decided not to convert it to be worked in the round. With this stitch pattern, the wrong side rows are pretty obvious (unless you forget about the garter stitch).

Curved Shawl

Curved Shawl, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Does Anyone Recognize This Yarn?

Mystery Cotton, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. I picked up this cotton at the stash swap. Does anybody know what yarn it is?

FO: Curved Shawl!

Blocking the Curved Shawl, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. Done, done, done!! (Except for weaving in ends.)
From Victorian Lace Today, in Baruffa Cashwool, on size 1.5 needles. Added about 20 extra pattern repeats.