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Kid sews- Joggers, Shorts, and Sequin Pouch

Another sequin shaker pouch, this one with a party hat corgi. Gabriel's reversible shorts (CKC) with Everest/Skye on one side and Stitch on the other. Baby Bear Joggers (P4P) in anchor Doodles and Paw Patrol fabric left over from tank backs. From 1 yard, I got 2 tank backs, 1 full length joggers front, 1 shorts length jogger front, and 1 pair of boxers (all 4T size).

Cricut Crafts- Odd Squad Party Decorations

My son turned 4 and wanted an Odd Squad Party (his favorite show right now, on PBS). There's not a lot of decorations/merch readily available, so I made all the decorations myself with my Cricut.

Banner- holographic cardstock attached to pre-cut banner flags

Large insignia signs- cardstock

3D jackalope head- cardstock. This is a free project in Design Space and I found an assembly instructions video on YouTube.

Spiral decorations and confetti- party foil. This is non adhesive and fairly inexpensive. Making custom confetti is so much fun! The spiral shapes are in Design Space.

Scientist T-shirt- Siser Easyweed HTV. Badge made from print-and-cut gold smooth cardstock (decorated with metallic silver and bronze markers) and a backing piece of cardstock and pin back.

Goodie bags- adhesive foil decorations on bag containing print-and-cut sticker sheets and print-and-cut mathroom fortune teller (used heavy copy paper because the scoring stylus was tearing regular paper).

Cupcake toppers…

Spoxxy Tank, more Super Gs

The SUAT (designer of Bunzies) gathered back athletic tank (Spoxxy) was retired right when I found out about it. I was super bummed because the Bella Flowy Tank is my favorite RTW option that a lot of screen printing companies offer, and Spoxxy was the closest pattern I'd seen.  Well, the Spoxxy was just rereleased! I thought I'd leave off the band to make it just like the flowy tank, but I decided to do one with the band and try it. I'm super pleased with it. I used clear elastic to do the gathering of the back. It was a little tricky because the clips have a tendency to pop off, but it was less frustrating than gathering with thread and having it break. There's another method where you zigzag stitch over dental floss. I might try that for another project.  Another pair of Greenstyle Super G capris. These are mostly the multi supplex with heavy supplex accents, finishing off the last of my bundle fabric from Zenith & Quasar.
Shirt decorated with metallic and holo…