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Pattern in Progress: Sidewinder Hat

Aran-weight Merino hat with cables.
Hat Back, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. Here's another one that's just about ready to go. It's in Mission Falls 1824 Wool.

Pattern in Progress: Cabled Socks

Cable socks with patterned heel flap.
Cable Socks, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. Ok, I've gone public with this one. Hopefully that'll give me the push to finally get this self-published. Assuming I'm feeling productive, I'll hand it off to an editor by next week. I'm planning on selling this one on Ravelry. I'd been thinking about submitting to Knitty, but the last issue has a pattern that was sort of similar.

FO: Bonsai Tunic

Bonsai Tunic by Norah Gaughan from Interweave Knits Spring 07.
FO: Bonsai Tunic, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. Copying magazine pose. :P I swatched, knit, and blocked this anticipating some vertical stretch. We'll see how it looks after a couple months on a mannequin. Update: it looks great! Stretched out a little, maybe an inch or so, but definitely doesn't look saggy.

The Phenomenauts & Peelander-Z

Leftenant AR-7, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. Above: Leftenant =AR-7= of The Phenomenauts
Below: Peelander Red

We saw Peelander-Z open for The Phenomenauts at Ashkenaz in Berkeley Friday night. They are insane and just have to be seen to be believed. We're going to this show really close to my house tonight. It's at an arcade in a strip mall with plenty of free parking. I may be biased, but I think it'd be impossible not to have fun. We'll be at El Pollo Loco before the show.


The Phenomenauts
Dan Potthast

ALL AGES $10 dos
7 door 7:30 show

1711 Branham Lane
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 448-3323

WIP Roundup: Bonsai Tunic, Leaf & Trellis Shawl

Bonsai Tunic, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion. I've been doing plenty of knitting,but not all of it's bloggable at the moment. I have 2 patterns that are almost ready to submit or self-publish, and I just finished knitting another design that needs to be written up.
I'm almost finished with the bottom portion of the back of the Bonsai Tunic. It's from Interweave Knits, Spring '07. I'm making it in Berroco Bonsai. It'll be a shop sample for a few months when I'm done with it. I'm halfway through the body of the Leaf & Trellis Shawl I'm doing in Malabrigo Lace. I try to do at least 1 repeat every evening before moving on to other projects. I've been spinning some of Carin Engin's merino/silk roving and it is delicious! It will probably result in a sample skein or maybe even a shawl at the shop. I apologize for the lack of cute cat pictures. Ziva is becoming much more sedate, but Rocky is a little beast. He's dragged garl…