WIP: Bryan's Handspun Socks

Socks in handspun yarn

This photo was taken a few days ago. I've since finished the first sock! I'm still using my toe-up formula, but this time I'm using a garter rib pattern. I made some important little tweaks to the heel instructions but ended up losing the data. I swear I saved it! I need to stop leaving Word files open on my computer. It runs out of battery, decides to install updates and restart, or hangs when I try to wake it up way too often. I thought I was using US 1.5 needles, but these are 2s. I really like the fabric I am getting. It is really squishy. I love Margit's Merino/bamboo. It is fun to spin, and I am loving knitting with it. Ravelry project page here. That's all for now. I have a cat on my forearms and it's making it hard to type.


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