FO: Bryan's Tofutsies

I had to sneak in this photo while Bryan was in the shower. Ravelry project page here. Standard 72 stitch cuff-down sock with heel flap. I didn't have as much fun working with this yarn as last time, but it's still pretty neat. In this colorway, there is a lot of variation in the twist in the yarn. It results in stripes of more or less jumbly tweedy bits.
I learned that Bryan's feet are way smaller than I thought they are, and he likes his socks way tighter than I do. These socks use the same needle size and stitch count that I would usually choose for myself. They seemed to loosen up a lot after being worn for a few days, but I see that with most socks. I'm not going to worry about it unless they are huge after their next wash.


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