WIP Round-up

Circular Cape, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

I haven't been very talkative online lately (Bryan switched keyboard to Dvorak), but I've been lurking. I've also had a bad case of startitis. I've been forcing myself to work a little on older WIPs every day. The body of the Circular Cape is done, and the border is going very quickly. This is by far the quickest lace project I've knitted. The body is just a feather and fan variation with a lot of resting rows, and it only took me a couple of repeats to memorize the border.

There's not enough progress on Catriona to take a picture, and I'm debating changing needle size a self-designed sock.

This is my new WIP, the Dream in Color Shrug (Classy in Dusky Aurora). The Dream in Color yarns are so gorgeous!


sunneshine said…
So many beautiful projects that you are working on right now! And the curved shawl from a couple posts ago really looks amazing!
Happy Summer!

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