Lady Eleanor and WIP Roundup

Lady Eleanor WIP, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

I've been knitting quite a bit, though I haven't been posting much of it lately. I tried to wait for a break in the rain to do some photography, but I ended up giving up and just using fill-in flash. Plus I've been really busy. Yay busy!

I'm well into the 4th skein of Silk Garden for my Lady Eleanor. Entrelac is really addictive. I'm glad I taught myself to knit backwards in preparation for Lizard Ridge. It's almost essential in order to do this project without going crazy. 

I'm also close to being done with the body of the Curved Shawl, and finished swatching for handspun socks. 

My felted Siamese cat has been reknit as a blue point, felted, and stuffed. The hard part for me is cutting out the facial features in felt and sewing them on. There's almost no way mine will be as cute as the pattern picture (though mine will have authentically blue eyes.)

 The pattern for the handspun scarf I just made is all typed up, arranged, and illustrated. I just need to look over it one more time before I post.


Awesome! I really want to do some Entrelac now.
Abigail said…
I agree that entrelac is addictive, especially with silk garden!

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