Fiber Haul from Stitches!

From the Royale Hare booth at Stitches West (right across from Margit's Fiber Fiend booth). I decided to buy only fiber at Stitches and limited myself to preparations (or fibers) I haven't used before. It turns out that most fibers I haven't used before are too expensive. :) So here's a new prep- silk hankies. 

2 oz "February in Tacoma" batt from the Tactile booth.  53% Alpaca, 25% Merino/Bamboo, 11% BFL, 3% Tussah silk, 3% yak down, 3% silk noil, and 2% angora. Not sure how much the minor components actually cont
ribute, but it is super 
fluffy and soft. I was happy to find batts, as I aim to learn woolen spinning.

Crosspatch Creations batts from Carolina Homespun.  Wool blend + various silk and silk noil. These are "Pastel Parfait" in the Stone Soup collection- one of a kind blends of her leftovers from other color runs.  So pretty!  I did notice a little bit of vegetable matter after I got it home and opened it up.  I'd really prefer there be none when I've paid for the fiber prep, but it's several orders of magnitude better than the grass seed infested Mohair locks I got at Kid n Ewe 2006.  That was an unholy nightmare.


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