Lizard Ridge Strip

Lizard Ridge Strip, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Here's my Lizard Ridge progress so far.
I'm using the entire ball so my "squares" are more like rectangles. Plus I'm working the strips in one piece to reduce the amount of seaming. This is Noro Kureyon colorway 116 and 153. Colorway 116 (on top) is my favorite colors, but it was a huge pain to get it to look good in this pattern. About half the skein is solid or mostly black. It seems that most Noro skeins are one long changing color sequence, but 116 seemed to go from black to red to white and back again to red and black. It looked like a big mess the first time I worked up the strip. Then I ripped it all out, cut the yarn at the middle, and reversed the orientation of half the skein. The result was a lot better, but still lacking definition toward the end. The 3rd and last time, I balled up the skein into chunks of color and deliberately used contrasting portions. Yes, it was worth it. :)
Colorway 153 looked suitably contrast-y on the first try. Yay! I think I'm going to be poking and prodding the skeins as I shop for the rest of this project to see how well they'll work in the pattern.


sunneshine said…
Wow, that really looks beautiful! And cutting down on the seaming is so smart..

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