Amazing Cupcakes For Knitters!

Wow! Check out these cupcakes from the VeganYumYum blog! They're topped with marzipan yarn balls and WIPs. There's even a tutorial for making the decorations.
I'm definitely bookmarking this blog. Not only does the name make me laugh (my cat's name is Yum Yum), but all the recipes look awesome! The spectacular food photography doesn't hurt. If that's what vegans eat, I want to be vegan. :)
(Except that I love honey wayyy too much. And freshly whipped cream. And fish. Oh, well.)
We did eat veg tonight- yellow curry tofu with potatoes and carrots. Those little purple potatoes are the most awesome thing ever. And I did eat a vegan cookie at the movies the other night. The snack bar dude was like, "You know those are vegan, right?" as if I hadn't been standing there reading the packaging. I wonder if they had complaints or something. . .


Lynn said…
Purple potatoes are awesome! They make great homemade potato chips, too.
Alicia said…
Ok, that is really weird. I made yellow curry with tofu, potatoes and carrots, too. My potatoes weren't blue, but still. Freaky.

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