Burma: How You Can Help

Friday I drove up to the city to join in a demonstration at the Chinese consulate organized by the Burmese American Democratic Alliance and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (don't miss the amazing mural by Mona Caron). There's some video of local news coverage here. I urge you to find out more about the plight of Burma's people. If you are interested in taking action, here are some resources-

Youth Solidarity of Burma, organized by two young Burmese women in Thailand, accepts donations at givetoburma.org.
BADA accepts donations here.
Buddhist Peace Fellowship has info on donations, volunteering, membership here.
The Avaaz.org petition is here.
And you can always write your congresspeople.

This is not just a Burmese issue, or a Buddhist issue. Anyone who values human rights, nonviolence, democracy, and/or freedom of speech should be completely appalled by the current situation.
For your crafty folks, there's a stencil template of marching monks on the Saffron Revolution Worldwide blog. The large size stencils are more or less intended for graffiti art, but I'll be making a t-shirt with the small stencil template.


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