Heavy Mesh Scarf

Heavy Mesh Scarf, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

I finished the Colinette beaded scarf I made to match that dress with the koi. I didn't think I was going to add the silk ribbon fringe, but I realized I could buy it by the yard (only took 3). It was really fun to make. I forgot how great instant gratification projects are, especially when you get to use really nice yarn. This is a great use for single skeins of silk. Tao is supposedly only 126 yards per skein. I didn't quite use the whole skein because I ran out of beads, but after adding fringe my scarf was only a tad shorter than the store model. It's purely a fashion scarf, anyway. I'll be wearing it with a summer dress.


That's awesome! I did something similar recently (it will be on my blog soon. It's even a similar colorway.) But somehow yours is much more elegant. :)
mari said…
It looks great. I love the riboon with it.

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