Tour de Fleece (sort of)- Finished Targhee Supercoils

I'm not really much for rules, but I tried to get some spinning done over the long weekend. I finished plying all the Targhee supercoils.

I had 3 bobbins of singles and could fit about half a bobbin of singles on the plying bobbin after plying, so I had lots of chances to play with the singles twist. I was happiest with the results when I added a fairly high amount of twist. I did weight the skeins during drying, but with only 1 plastic coat hanger*. The skein I made from singles with moderate added twist seemed to need it least. Most of the time, the coils looked too loose at a point where the yarn seemed to be close to being balanced.

The strands you see above were made with singles with an almost horizontal singles twist. I thought that would make the most sense in terms of physically being a balanced yarn, but it was harder to work with. (The common problem of keeping enough tension on a thin spot of a high-twist single.) The skein still twisted around itself quite a bit when skeined off the bobbin, so I'm not sure if it really achieved the goal. The result is firm coils that would work for jewelry that might see a bit of wear. It is a littler harsher in spots than a typical knitting yarn.

Janice asked me what I'm going to do with them, and I'm still leaning towards making the strands into necklaces. I need to look for findings. I like this necklace. It looks like it can be work with the strands loose or twisted together.

* Normally I am against weighting skeins at all, but that is for applications like knitting where bias is a possibility and unwanted. I knew this yarn would be used as an accent (as in a scribble lace scarf) or used as individual strands.


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