Thank You!

A huge thank you to everybody who came out to the Oakland Fiber Festival. It was amazing!
The sunlight really showed off my bamboo blend and silk blend yarns, which was totally great. It also gave me a dorky clog tan.

Rachael Herron was signing books a few feet from my booth. When she finished the project she was working on, she started a toe-up sock in one of my self-striping yarns. I had to sneak away from the booth every so often to feel it. Love that MCN! I get to start a sample of my own soon because I messed up the dye job on a skein of the purple/black/turquoise. I'm going to be doing a few new self-striping colorways soon, especially "guy-friendly" ones.

My first yarn customer ever, Ana, posted to Ravelry (and Flickr) an adorable clutch she knit in my aran weight Merino. It's the first FO I've seen in my yarn! Squee!

ETA- Janice is spinning up some of my Merino/bamboo top for the Tour de Fleece!


Bogie said…
I can't believe I finished spinning the 3rd bobbin yesterday. The Merino/bamboo is really easy to spin but I had to make sure I didn't get distracted otherwise my singles would get thicker/thinner. I think that was because of the fast flyer though--everything happens faster with the fast flyer. Will ply and post more photos soon.

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