ROE Shawl Blocking

ROE Shawl Blocking, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Both times I've knitted this pattern, I've had second thoughts about my gauge starting around the next to last chart. I knew it worked out fine last time, and I knew I was using up slightly less yarn than Cookie with the same yarn and needles. It turned out great of course! Marianne Kinzel's Rose of England Teacloth from her 2nd Book of Modern Lace Knitting. 3 skeins Misti Alpaca Lace, US 6 needles, about 60" diameter. This'll be at Yarndogs for a while. You can say hi to it during the Shop Hop when I'll be in Texas for my husband's 10 year high school reunion. :)


Alison said…
Wow! That is amazingly lovely.
Heidi said…
That's freakin' awesome!
Anonymous said…
Yea! Looks great in red.
It does look great.

Are you going to be in Austin?
Maria Helena said…
I am currently trying to knit Rose of England, but no matter how hard I try I always fail, in spite of following Kintzel's instructions. Would anybody PLEASE help ?

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