Finished Yarn: Feb. in Tacoma Laceweight

February in Tacoma Handspun Laceweight, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

2-ply, about 30 WPI.
From a Tactile batt bought at Stitches West. I was worried about the bits of silk noil being obnoxiously obvious, but it turned out really nice after plying. I think I've got about 500 yards, enough for an Evelyn Clark style triangle. I've got a bunch of books on lace design checked out through Link+ right now.

I picked up some Mermaid at Green Planet when my meetup group was there last week. It's cotton, merino, silk, and seacell. I'm thinking I'll use it with my tweedy handspun for some kind of top-down raglan mini cardi. Of course, I'll have to finish something first!

Here's one of the hibiscus photos I promised.

Whee! Spray bottles are fun! Cat discipline, quick blocking, pretentious nature photography. . .


Alison said…
That turquoise yarn looks wonderful with your handspun. It looks as if they were made to go together.
Brooke said…
Beautiful! We're starting a gallery on our website and would love to include the picture of your handspun. It is so fun to see how batts I made turned out when they grew up and became yarn!

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