Bryan's doing a lot better, but I've been really busy with work lately. This week, one of my co-workers is on vacation. Next week, another one has jury duty. I've been working on a shawl version of the Rose of England and I've taken in some finishing work. The only purely personal project I've touched is the cape. I've been trying to do 4 border repeats every day, so I should be finished soon. I've fallen in love with a few different yarns over the last few days and I have some design ideas I want to play with, but they'll have to wait a little. I've been doing lots of photography, but not for the blog. Tomorrow I might actually make it to a SFSI shift for the first time in months. My college roommate & significant other are showing up in a couple days to stay with us. I have to respond to two sizing questions on the Rudie socks, clean the garage, and try out my new SpotBot pet edition. Stupid puke cat. I lost the Dream in Color shrug at the hospital (I think) and it hasn't turned up yet. Maybe I'll make it to Sunnyvale next week for another skein so I can reknit it. Bryan's going back to work Monday! Yay! Plus I've got to show my guests the cafeteria, right? Plus Shyam's kittens. They like kittens. Now I've got to go make bean burritos (sans tortilla for Recovery Boy). Next time there will be photos of my hibiscus if nothing else. It finally started blooming.


Mmmmm...will you be making tea with your hibiscus?

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