Watch me Shop: Bagless Edition

Here are my handmade finds from the last month or so. No more bags this time!
(I do have to confess that I bought one of the new Lantern Moon parachute bags from Yarndogs. I held out for a few days, but it's just so soft and squishable! And so many pockets! I always justify buying new knitting bags when I have a trip coming up.)

Pattern Saver
Here's my miPattern Saver and magnetic Pattern Keepers from Slipped Stitch Studios. We recently started carrying her line at Yarndogs as well (lots of cute owls, sock monkeys, and sheep prints). This one was a custom request after I saw another product in her Etsy shop made up in this fabric, which is one of my all-time favorites! I got some of it at Natural Expressions bead/quilt shop in Los Gatos last fall. I haven't sewed anything out of it, but I've been using it as a tablecloth at fiber shows.
I love the swift covers in the Slipped Stitch Studios shop. The only reason I haven't bought one is my swift is in almost constant use. They are super cute, though! Maybe Bryan will read this and buy me this classic monster print one.

These are my bad kitty stitch markers from Scarrymerry on Etsy. Her stitch markers are sooo cute! Be prepared to be patient (I think her items may be made to order), but the detail is amazing!
I also love these bat stitch markers, Halloween stitch markers, witch and cat knitting needles, and these otters from her sold items!

I don't use stitch markers all that much, so I went for this ladybug orifice hook when I saw fellow Phat Fiber contributor Yarndemon Designs' ladybug collection. I just personally love ladybugs, but how perfect would this be for someone with a Ladybug spinning wheel?
Here's her ladybug stitch markers, and her alpaca and sheep orifice hooks and WPI tools are so adorable too! Hers is an Artfire shop, no account required for purchasers.

In other news, I found the perfect use for my small Sock Diva ladybug bag- carrying around extra camera batteries, memory cards, and my neoprene lens hood cover!
We went to Hakone gardens in Saratoga, which is small but pretty nice, but I have super high standards after visiting the Fort Worth Botanic Garden years ago.


Bad Amy said…
I lurve ScaryMerry!

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