FO Roundup: Crochet and Spinning Edition

Here's the absolutely 100% finished photo of my Coquena the Llama!
It took me a while to do all the little finishing touches. The hat I made following the pattern was too big, but it was easy enough to remake it smaller trying it on the llama as I went. The little floppy pom poms/tassles are actually tiny crocheted balls with loop stitch on the outside that you cut afterwards. It's a lot faster than making traditional pom pons, at least the ones you can make with a non-hinged maker.
I've updated my Ravelry project page with estimates of the yardage I actually used since the pattern doesn't give yardages. For many of the colors, I used just a couple of grams or less.

Ella Crochet Scarf
And here is my finished Ella Crochet Scarf. It's a Knitwits pattern or kit. I love her stuff! We carry the kits at Yarndogs, but I wanted to try picking out my own colors to get just reds, pinks, and purples. I got the Tahki Cotton Classic (same yarn as the kits) at Purlescence. It takes so little yarn of each ball in each color (hence the kits) that I will probably make at least one more. I just need to get more green yarn.
Making these little flowers is addictive and the pattern is really easy to memorize after making a few of them! I made the scarf 10 flowers long instead of 8. For some reason, I had to go down 2 hook sizes when making the green part to have it not come out too floppy. My flowers were fine with the recommended size, though.

Here's the 3-ply I made from the Yarn Wench Merino/silk fiber I got at the spinners' swap a couple of Christmases ago. I'm thinking toe-up socks.
Handspun Merino/Silk


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