WIP Roundup: Knitting Edition

I'm having second sock syndrome pretty bad, haha.
Here's a sock in my self-striping MCN in the Celephais colorway. It's my basic self-striping sock pattern, which I give out with yarn purchase and was also on the Phat Fiber secret site. (My August yarn samples were self-striping.)
Self-striping Sock
The yarn switched from black to turquoise right as I was ready to graft the toe. I was too lazy to hunt down a yard of black yarn. :P
I was also too lazy to check the pattern when I marked the heel placement and ended up doing the heel on 50% of stitches instead of 60% :(
There's enough stretch that it fits fine. I'll do the 2nd one with 60% then decide if I want to go back and fix the first one.
I need this sock for a sample at Lambtown next month. I also want to make up a sample in my aran weight BFL yarn. I'm thinking soakers.

(Pre)Felted Clog(Pre)Felted Clog

Here's the first felted clog of a pair I'm making for Bryan. It's the Fiber Trends clog pattern and I'm using Lamb's Pride Worsted held double. I have some notes on needle use and technique on the Ravelry project page.
I didn't do the "bumper" because I plan on adding a suede sole.
Bryan hates wearing shoes and prefers the slip on variety when he has to wear shoes.
FYI- Lamb's Pride is still on sale at Yarndogs, but it's going pretty fast. That's what motivated me to finally make some clogs!


Maria said…
Ooh, I'm really hoping to get to Lambtown!
SpinalCat said…
I'd offer you a ride, but we have to leave at 5am and there's probably no room in the car. :P

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