Spinning WIP- Black Pearl Batts

I haven't been doing much other than dyeing and knitting samples lately, but I managed to finish 1 batt of this fiber (Black Pearl batts)from fellow Phattie By Rebekah With Love

The fiber content is Merino, carbonized bamboo, tussah silk, mulberry silk, firestar & angelina.
2.2 oz each batt
Going back to the Etsy listing to get the fiber content, I just realized she uses the same drum carder model that I just bought. She sets a pretty high standard- go check out her shop!
Halfway done!

It'll be a lace or fingering-ish 2ply for a triangular lace shawl, most likely. I'm really looking forward to making more time for designing soon (I hope!). I have a few garments sort of stalled out at the grading stage, but I hope to need test knitters soon.


Mutare Posts said…
Wow that's beautiful spinning. Nice combo of fibers in the batts, too.

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