Pattern Release: Dianthus Scarf

Normally I don't release 2 patterns in 2 days, but I'm trying to get a few things out into the world before a big surprise next week. ;)

This scarf is the class project for my "my first lace scarf" class at Yarndogs. I've taught it 3 or so times already, and have had a great time! I love seeing people expand their horizons a little bit. I think there's nothing in knitting that is as scary as people think right before they try it. (Except for that bird's eye lace pattern. That is just plain hard.)

I decided to make a professionally edited version of the pattern available for purchase to the rest of the world. There's only 3 different rows in the entire pattern, and one of those is a resting row! It uses sock yarn to help make lace a little less intimidating, and the strong lines of the pattern help it remain visible in even wildly handpainted yarns.

When I get stuck on naming, I go to Wikipedia and click around. Before "pink" was a color, it referred to decorating edges with a zig-zag shape (like "pinking shears"). Somewhere in the middle was a flower with frilled edges and a pale red color, belonging to the genus Dianthus.
Ravelry pattern page here. Pattern is $4.50 through my Ravelry pattern store. No Ravelry membership required, payments processed through Paypal.


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