Creeping Jenny- Free Pattern From The Anticraft!

My mosaic bag pattern, Creeping Jenny, appears in the new Beltane issue of The Anticraft! They showcase crafts of all kind, and this bag calls for a bit of fun with leather and a heavy-duty hole punch. This design had its start in the summer of 2007, worked in black and white wool. It was actually the first thing I ever designed! The bag was resurrected in Rowan All-Seasons Cotton last spring after I found the original prototype to be damaged. All-Seasons Cotton is a fabulous cotton/acrylic blend that will satisfy even the most die-hard cotton haters (like me). It is sturdy and smooth, but has enough bounce that you won't be tearing out your hair over tension issues in color work. Ravelry pattern page here.


Maria said…
Hey, congratulations on that, Amy! I love the colors in this bag. :)
spinnity said…
Awesome! I loved this bag from the moment I saw it - so glad it's out in public where everyone can love it!
Helen said…
This is awesome, and I definitely want to make it - what type of store would you suggest for getting the leather/vinyl?
SpinalCat said…
Hi Helen,

I got the leather at a craft store, although it seems to be hard to find in stores now. I think these are probably the same item or an equivalent one. You want the regular leather, not suede.

Most fabric departments in craft stores have some vinyl. You might want to call around.

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