What I've Been Up To: "Holiday" Edition

Well, lots of work. Yay for working in a yarn shop! Other than that, mostly watching House and No Reservations marathons, Dr. Strangelove for the umpteenth time, and Tom Lehrer videos on YouTube. I gave in and baked cookies, but not rocket-shaped. The observance of Saturn, Hell Yeah! will have to wait till next year. I did celebrate Festivus by airing some grievances with my mother. We've been feeding Shyam's cats, as evidenced by the video a couple of posts below. The cat grooming my head is the one that's *not* friendly! The other one loves to nuzzle armpits and purr.

Actual fun took place a couple of weeks ago, but I don't have any photos. We went to Berkeley to see Bruce Campbell at a screening of My Name is Bruce. Always a good time. We saw him in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago when he was screening The Man With the Screaming Brain.When we got back to the parking garage after the movie, it was shut down! Apparently it closed at midnight, and it was about 12:10 when we joined the 30 or so people standing around totally dumbstruck. The garage attendant was still inside, but he wouldn't let us in. Everyone was like, "WTF!?!?" The guy finally let everybody in, but it was totally bizarre.

The next night we went to see the Phenomenauts in Santa Cruz. I am so obsessed with that band right now. One of the opening bands was Devolutionaries, a Devo cover band. It was a really great show. Maybe not as awesome as the Zombie Party, but how could they possibly top that? We're seeing the Phenomenauts at Slim's later this month, and I'll definitely take a camera. The one thing that bugged me about the show in Santa Cruz was a little too many between-song comments about "the ladies." Come on guys, you're in the band. You don't have to try that hard anymore! (Remember, I kid because I love.) That band has pretty high per-capita hotness, anyway. Maybe it's the uniforms. . .
Which might also be the reason I dragged Bryan to see Valkyrie. Tom Cruise as an eyepatch-sporting German officer plotting to kill Hitler. How could it get any better than that?
He's also an amputee, in case you're into that. That's like 4 fetishes in one! I'm sure there's someone out there who has been waiting their whole life for that combination. It actually wasn't a bad movie. Bonus points for Eddie Izzard.

There's actually some new knitting content coming up, despite my horrible computer problems. The desktop (running Windows) got all virus-y and horrible, so it's running Linux until we get all our shit backed up. So I'm using the Mac. I dug out the CD that came with my camera, but it doesn't work like it's supposed to. Downloading the updates actually made it worse. I realized that iPhoto is *supposed* to be able to handle RAW files, but that doesn't work either.


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