Lizard Ridge Update!

Lizard Ridge Preview, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Here's all the pieces so far, plus the yarn I've bought to finish it. 3 strips down, 1 to go! I'm doing strips of 5 skeins, with 6 repeats from each skein. It's going to be quite long. Bryan told me that all our blankets are too short.


Maria said…
I love this photo! I wish I could make one of these blankets. But I've already got a Malabrigo blanket in hibernation. It will be the softest thing ever. (And probably the pill-iest.)
Suna said…
It looks sort of like you are making a long lizard out of lizard ridge squares. What a fun picture!
Alison said…
It looks lovely. I wish I had thought to do strips!
spinnity said…
Quick - save the Noro from those giant colorful snakes! Run, little Noros, run!

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