They Are the Meeces

The song from this video has been stuck in my head since Saturday. Apparently field mice like to play on the northbound Caltrain platform in Mountain View at about 7pm. I saw one run onto a guy's shoe and start sniffing up his pants before the guy noticed! I'm guessing there's no feral cat problem in Mountain View! Bryan and I decided that what they really need up there is a trained falcon that'll come back when it's called. That would be so awesome.


Lisa said…
OMG, that is horrible!
Alison said…
Ha! The London underground is full of mice (and probably rats too), you don't see them immediately (small brown mice on tracks, on platforms etc) but once you spot them you realise they are everywhere. This is why you need a 'station cat'.
Jasmine said…
Your trained falcon idea cracked me up.

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