Recovery Boy

Bryan's up to soft foods now (the song about that hasn't been recorded yet) but you can see the music video for "Liquid Diet Blues" and earlier recovery videos on Youtube.
Some of the music video footage is from the Prelinger archives, a collection of 2,000 public domain films. There's some hilarious industrial films there like "The Hormel Story" and many equally hilarious sex ed films from the 50's.


Teenuh said…
So when I had my jaw surgery, I blended some of the stuff my mom had made for me that was soft food. Man, there are some things that are just not meant to be blended. Chili was okay but wow, tuna salad with peas? So not meant to be blended!!
I meant to comment earlier when I read about the surgery. The videos are awesome, and it looks like he has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

I'm assuming you're the one making the PB and Banana Smoothie?

I love the Prelinger Archives! You can easily waste a whole day there. One of my favorites warns girls against strenuous activities like square dancing during their periods. The two-parter "Brink of Disaster" films are classic. They're a very vague warning against anything remotely radical in the sixties. The argument is really hard to follow.
Bryan Klimt said…
It's called "This is... Hormel"!

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