Chihuly at the de Young

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I did a lot of fun stuff last week when my college roommate was in town. Probably the most photogenic was going to see the Chihuly exhibition at the de Young museum in San Francisco.

More of my photos here.

I'd definitely recommend going on a weekday if possible. Although we didn't have any trouble getting tickets when we got there, it was rather crowded. And skip the cafe, no matter how good it smells. Unless you want to pay $7 (and wait 30 minutes) for a hot dog just for the experience.

We also went to the San Jose Museum of Art, which was actually really cool. There's a lot of wacky hi-tech installations, and there's a robot theme going on now. I think it would be really fun for kids. There's a table where you can build a Lego robot & have it photographed and uploaded to Flickr. My friends' are in there somewhere.

My friends went to the Tech as well and really liked it. They came back with a robot-drawn portrait of themselves. Admission is only $8 and includes an IMAX ticket.


mari said…
We went and the saw the exhibit on Saturday. It was crazy. So many people packed into that small space. Beautiful, though.
BofA paid for museum entrance if you had a bofa credit card/account so it was quite reasonable. $10 for me and the hubby.

Oh yeah, I am in the bay area right now. :)
Teenuh said…
Awesome photos! I have yet to make it to the de Young, though I've driven by it multiple times. Actually, I have yet to make it IN to the Tech Museum, I've been outside it or in the auditorium next door to it. Fun stuff. There is so much to see here.
Nicki said…
Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to learn to blow glass. There is an amazing, gigantic chandelier that he did on the ship Celebrity CONSTELLATION. A tangle of snakes. I've sat for long, long stretches and just marvelled at it. You're so lucky to have this exhibition. So jealous!!

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