Show Report: Nekromantix/Lower Class Brats 4/24

Last night we saw the Nekromantix in San Jose at the Blank club. This was our 6th show since moving to the Bay Area, but our first in San Jose. The Blank club is pretty tiny. It reminded us of the indoor stage at Emo's, but with the bar taking up less room, and no giant poles to get smashed into in front of the stage. If we feel nostalgic for giant poles, we'll go to Slim's. I didn't realize until a couple of days before the show that the Lower Class Brats (from Austin!!!) were going to be opening. I think they may have been at the first show we ever saw in Austin. We've seen both these bands about a jillion times. My verdict: totally awesome. I didn't see much of the crowd, but Bryan said they didn't seem that excited. Their loss. More room in front for me! Bones and Nekroman are both extremely entertaining front men. I had an insane amount of fun. You really haven't lived until you've seen the coffinbass. :)

I forgot to take a camera, so here's a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head.

Just kidding. But this is the second time in a row I've forgotten to take a camera to see one of Kim Nekroman's bands! It's ok cause the chick next to me was a photographer wearing a venue staff jacket. Hopefully the photos will be on teh intarwebs soon, but I did snag a set list. So there! :P

They skipped a few of these songs, but pretty much played all my favorites. Including the namesake of my sweater. Haha. I remember last time I saw them, there were a few songs they didn't play that I really wanted to hear. So it's all good now. :) LCB also played like 3 of my favorite songs.


Jo said…
I love grabbing the playlists when I can - best one in my closet (somewhere) is a 10000 Maniacs list from about 1986, before they "hit it big" and were playing venues with 100 people...

San Jose is pretty good for shows because most of the venues are small.

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