Brain Dump!

 Firstly, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is co-sponsoring a series of (free!) lectures in Palo Alto on environmental reproductive health.  The other co-sponsors are Acterra (a local environmental group that seems pretty cool) and Reproductive Health Technologies Project.  More info here.  The first lecture was on early puberty and breast cancer, featuring speakers from Breast Cancer Fund.  Their publications on causes of early puberty and environmental determinants of breast cancer can be found here.  Haven't finished reading all the way through yet, but they look like pretty solid reviews of the literature.  The puberty report in particular cites a whole host of studies that I really want to get my hands on.
The next lectures in the series are
The Impact of Environmental Toxins on Infertility and the Developing Fetus on April 24
Pesticides and Playgrounds- Chemicals in Our Children's Everyday Environment on May 7.

I've posted links on the sidebar to a whole lot of organizations that are members of the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom.  I was in Sacramento last week for CCRF's lobby day, and I found out about a lot of great work that a lot of great people are doing.  I picked up some blog-worthy swag that I haven't photographed yet, but I wanted to go ahead and point out  those links.

I also posted links to some of my favorite sex-ed resources, including info on the phone lines I volunteer on.  I also want to point out, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I had forgotten just how amazing it is.  I read it when I was a teen, and I recommend it all the time.  I discovered something else on the intarwebs that had me stifling laughter on the phone last week.  In the course of doing research for callers, I discovered that the Wikipedia pages for both "Masturbation" and "List of Sex Positions" are illustrated by Gustav Klimt drawings.  That makes me happy.  What did NOT make me happy was having to argue yesterday with my new doctor who wouldn't believe that Gustav was Austrian, not Dutch.  Hello!!??  Which one of us is named Klimt??  

Ok, it's late and I'm starting to ramble.  Laters!


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