Holiday Wish Lists

This is mostly for the benefit of my family (and for myself to keep track of things).
Amazon wishlist can be found by clicking the button over there ------>
That includes the camera equipment that is probably what I want the most.

Other stuff I'd like to have someday:
Hand cards for wool, and for cotton/exotics.
I haven't done much fiber prep so far, and I'd really like to learn woolen spinning. It seems a little harder to find commercially prepared rolags than top.
More double-drive bobbins for my Traveler.
Cute WPI tool and WPI comparison card.

The following items can be found here.
Hi speed kit for Ashford double drive wheels.
Ashford precision lazy kate.

Lace flyer kit for Ashford Traveler double drive wheels. Apparently this has been discontinued. The Woolery doesn't have it, but many e-tailers still have it on their sites (not to order online, though). Anyway, it's rather expensive and I'm not sure it's worth it. I can stick with the much cheaper hi-speed kit and treadle more. :)


Jasmin said…
The next time you go to Purlescence, sign up for Sandi's spinning class. She is a-ma-zing.

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