FO Roundup- Pinwheel Blanket & Azalea Doily

Pinwheel Blanket from this free pattern. 5.5 skeins of Cascade Luna (100% cotton). I love this yarn! I thought I hated unmercerized cotton, but I just hate cheap unmercerized coton! (The Ballband Dishcloth Pattern is cute enough to compensate, thankfully.) I've been wanting to knit the pinwheel pattern for a long time. It's so fast and easy! This is one of those "duh" patterns that looks so neat but is amazingly simple. I didn't bother with a fancy circular cast on. I just did a regular long tail cast on and joined as usual. I used about 6 rows of seed stitch as a border, and bound off in pattern. It's probably about 33" across. It's going to be a doggie blanket (and a holiday gift) since there aren't any babies in the family. Ravelry details here.

Azalea Doily (centerpiece version) from Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting. It looks a lot better on flickr, so please click through. I blocked it a few days ago. Looking kinda funky, so I think I'll starch and press it. This was another simple (and pretty quick) knit. Different sizes (this is the largest version) are made by repeating the 2nd chart a different number of times. It's patterned every other row, and most of the patterning isn't really lace. There are only eyelets on one row of the chart (I think) and the little holes in the middle of the leaves are made by knitting into the front, back, and front of the stitch. Ravelry details here.


They are both fantastic! Love the red!
mari said…
They look great.
About how big is the blanket?

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