Spinning Progress!

Spinning progress
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I really like spinning BFL. It seems pretty easy to get fine singles. I played around with different amounts of twist in the singles and different plying methods. What I originally had in mind was a DK or worsted weight 2-ply cause I always think other people's barberpole effects are neat. By doing what felt right, I ended up with finer singles and didn't like the 2-ply look after all. So now I'm going for a 3-ply appropriate for socks. This swatch is on size 3 needles, but I would probably use size 2 for socks in this yarn.
I haven't done a traditional (unchained) 3-ply before. I'm loving how the colors are blended together in a harmonious way. I'm not seeing any "muddying." I also really dig the circular cross-section you get with a 3-ply that gives that "real yarn" look.


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